Biomedical Polymers Division
Instituto de Investigaciones en Ciencia y Tecnología de Materiales, INTEMA (UNMdP - CONICET)

Av. Colón 10850
B7606BWV Mar del Plata
Tel.: +54 223 626 0600

About Us

Welcome to the webpage of the Biomedical Polymers Division at the Research Institute of Materials Science and Technology, INTEMA (UNMdP-CONICET).

BPD started research activities in polymeric biomaterials on 1992. Nowadays, BPD is a leading reference in this field, with 30 years performing research activities, teaching, formation of human resources (graduate and post-graduate), extension, collaboration with industries and services. The research activities aim improving the life quality through the design, synthesis, characterization and processing of functional polymeric biomaterials, with biomimetic features and ability to carry therapeutic agents and interact with tissues or organs. Academic formation of professionals in the biomaterials field is essential for the development of activities in the BPD.

BPD facilities and highly-qualified human resources offer solutions to problems coming from the socio-productive sectors, meeting the requirements of the society and industry.

Progress in biomaterials science and technology requires a multidisciplinary approach, and BPD collaborates with national and international research centers, searching for complementary actions and excellence in all its activities.