Biomedical Polymers Division
Instituto de Investigaciones en Ciencia y Tecnología de Materiales, INTEMA (UNMdP - CONICET)

Av. Colón 10850
B7606BWV Mar del Plata
Tel.: +54 223 626 0600

Research lines

Current research lines are focused on:

  • Synthesis and characterization of biomedical polymers
  • Design and preparation of biocompatible and biomimetic polymeric matrices (fibrous, porous, hydrogels, films)
  • Biomaterials processing by electrohydrodynamic techniques and additive manufacturing
  • Encapsulation of therapeutic agents
  • Surface modification (chemical, physical, biological)

for the following applications:

  • Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  • Controlled drug delivery systems
  • Biomedical devices
  • Functional textiles
  • Nanofibrous structures for different technological applications